I am a versatile software developer with 6 YoE in game development and 3D interactive software.

Focus Areas: Physics, UI/UX, Multiplayer/Networking, Graphics

Focus Technologies: C# (.NET), Unity, C++, Unreal

Hough Studio

– Solo developed “Golf Around!” – Multiplayer golf game for PC / Mac

– 94% Positive user reviews

– 16,000,000+ Youtube views

– Includes 2,000+ custom levels created by users

– Skills: Network and physics programming, 3D modeling, UI design, level design, Steam inventory, user-generated content, runtime 3D model importing, audio production

Blinkmoon Games

– Network programming to improve session flow, stability, and performance for the beta version of Necromantic

– Improved internal processes and efficiency

– Skills: C#, Unity, Photon Fusion

Cybernetic Entertainment

– Developing “Luminant Robots” prototypes – an unreleased series of educational apps based on robot characters

– Skills: Inverse kinematics algorithms, custom AI programming